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Adam Graves is a two time Stanley Cup champion who plays for the New York Rangers. Graves is heavily involved in multiple charity organizations working with kids, teaching them the skills needed to play sports like ice hockey and learn fundamentals while also learning teamwork, passion, and ultimately, how to have fun. One of the organizations he volunteers with is called Try Hockey for Free, which partners with the Junior Rangers Rookie series.

This organization gives kids all over the area the opportunity to come and learn how to play hockey. Kids are able to go to the rink, get equipment and learn from some of the greats, all at no cost. While these kids are learning to play the sport, they also gain great life lessons about working with a team and how to be successful in the world of sports.

Try Hockey for Free allows kids and families to make memories that will last a lifetime. Parents, grandparents, and siblings come to the rink to watch and cheer on their children. Spending a day on the ice gives these children incredible memories and a bonding experience they will never forget.

Graves explains in an interview with, up until this point, many of these kids have never played hockey or any sport for that matter. It is gratifying to see them gain courage from the first time they step out on the ice until even just 20 minutes in. The kids start to get more comfortable as practice continues and start to take risks and try new things.

The game of ice hockey is very much a team-oriented sport. If you happen to get a penalty at the wrong time during a game, you let your team down. These types of mistakes teach lessons that will stick with you the rest of your career. It’s essential to understand that your team is there to lift you up and you should, in turn, work as hard as you can for them.

Through sports, we are taught the foundations of teamwork and learning to work together to reach common goals. The most important lesson you can learn from playing sports is to just have fun. Success comes with enjoying what you are doing and being able to put your heart into any sport you decide to play during your lifetime.