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Bill & Helen Kupec NCAA Selection Pool Results –

Andy Kupec: Overall Winner

Olivia Kupec:  Most # Games Picked Right Winner

Elizabeth Kupec: Championship Game Pick Winner!!


BREAKING NEWS:  Andy Kupec Captures the inaugural Bill & Helen Kupec Memorial NCAA Selection Pool Competition.  Olivia Kupec wins the award for most games picked correctly.  And, Elizabeth Kupec wins the Championship Game pool.

Congratulations to Andy, Olivia, and Elizabeth!!!!!

For a recap, read the story below and the slides that follow.

Andy Kupec, in a dramatic and emphatic late tournament close highlighted by picking 3 of the 4 Final Four teams correctly, catapulted the field of 11 impressive participants to capture the 2019 inaugural Helen & Bill Kupec NCAA Selection Pool.  Showcasing adept skills and selection acumen, Andy used his considerable storied basketball history to post 1,080 points and finish 210 points higher than 2nd place finisher Olivia Kupec, the UNC freshman.  It is interesting to note that Olivia did finish with the most games picked correctly – 46 – and Andy only had 40 games picked correctly, good enough for just tied for 6th in a ranking of games correctly.

But, congratulations to Andy Kupec for his impressive win!!  

Here is the final standings:

Standings            Name                Total   Points        

1st Place           Andy Kupec         1020 points              

2nd Place         Olivia Kupec        .   810 points.

3rd Place          Patty Kupec            780 points.

4th Place           Andrew Kupec      760 points

5th Place           Emily Kupec           750 points.

6th place           Elizabeth Kupec      680 points.

7th Place           Chris Kupec            670 points

8th Place           Matthew Kupec      650 points

9th Place           Matt Kupec             640 points

ADDITIONAL BREAKING NEWS:  Tournament Commissioner Under Fire.  In a field comprised of some of the best talent in the world, the Commissioner of the Tournament has come under intense criticism for the scoring system utilized in the Tournament pool.  Round 1 games earned 10 points, Round 2 wins earned 20 points each, Round 3 earned 40 points, Round 4 earned 80 points, a Semi-final win earns 160 points and the Champion correctly picked earns 320 points.

If the Tournament had used equal points for each win, Olivia would have been the winner.  Here is what the standings by games won:

1st Place         Olivia Kupec    46 games

2nd Place        Patty Kupec     45 games

3rd Place       Matthew Kupec  42 games

4th Place(tie)  Elizabeth Kupec  41 games

4th Place(tie)  Chris Kupec   41 games

6th Place        Andy Kupec     40 games

6th Place(tie)  Matt Kupec     40 games

8th Place       Emily Kupec    39 games

9th Place      Andrew Kupec  33 games

Please scroll down to the slides below for full information.